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November 2019      Guest Room


What is the one thing you need to do before the holidays?

Prepare your guest room for holiday visitors! Although it may be an office, craft room or even storage room for most of the year, it doesn't have to take hours to get it ready each time you have visitors.

Make sure there is a space for a suitcase or carry-on to sit out of the way, while still being accessible. If possible, offer a closet or dresser space. A few hangars and a couple of drawers should be adequate. Make sure the bed is comfortable - spend a night in your guest bed to make sure! Clean fresh sheets and a blanket or a quilt will help your guest get the bed exactly the temperature they like. Everyone likes having some things near them while they sleep: water, their glasses, a book. A trinket tray is the perfect catch all for glasses and jewelry.


October 2019

Wrap It Up


Do birthdays sometimes sneak up on you? Do you find that sometimes you just can't think of anything to give? Ever realize you don't have a hostess gift when you are about to walk out the door? Have you ever realized late at night that you need a gift for tomorrow and have no idea how you are going to make that happen?

With a quick trip to any store that has a gift card section and a trip to your favorite home goods store you can always have a few gifts on hand. 

1. Coffee Shop gift card and a cute travel mug
2. Book Store gift card and a candle
3. Boxed Stationery, a pen and stamps
4. Restaurant delivery gift card and a bottle of wine
5. Mani/Pedi gift card and a bottle of nail polish

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April 2019  

Car Console Kit



Keep your car console organized with your 'Flourish' canvas bag.  With a cute pom pom zipper top and a satin lining, it is perfect for keeping it all together. 

Designing a life you love is easier with a 60 " measuring tape.  No more guessing "Will It Fit?" when you keep this measuring tape key chain in your console kit.  Jot down your grocery list, an email address or a phone number on Le Note Pad.  

Add scissors, hand cream and a mechanical pencil and never leave home without a Sharpie!  This mini Sharpie offers the advantages of the original Sharpie in half the size!   

Add coupons, gift cards, batteries, USB cord, change or other items you need for your daily adventures.


March 2019

Travel - It's In The Bag!


Travel light with your ontrend 'Bon Voyage' clear wristlet.   Slip it on your wrist and go or slip it in to your carry on bag for convenience.  Securing your passport and credit cards in RFID sleeves adds a pop of color in your wristlet all while keeping your ID and credit card information private and protected.

Coordinate your outfits and remember to pack everything you need with your Getaway Essentials 1 - 3 Day Packing Planner.

Keep your luggage organized and clean with your world map laundry bag and shoe bags.  Your shoes will stay clean and polished.  Take your laundry bag straight to the washer when you return home.